Training and Workshops

Upcoming and past speaking events

If you’d like to inquire about setting up a workshop in your area with Pia Stampe, please contact us at 585.258.3801.

Upcoming and past workshops

We believe in spreading awareness and education to as many people as we can! If you’d like to learn more about cerebral palsy research or other general advances in the field, check out the upcoming and past workshops or presentations below.

Upcoming events

Past events

Feedback from our attendees

“What you teach is important for parents to hear because it sparks hope for our children and what they are capable of.”
“Absolutely excellent. Many of the interventions I had heard of but never seen them used in such a thorough way.”
“Many workshops have too much theory and not enough practice. This workshop had an excellent amount of really interesting practical work – just what we need for working in the real world.”
“Really made theory come to life. Fantastic course – keep training in New Zealand. I am excited to share what I learned with my team.”

Why we offer these resources

Accessing the best care for yourself, your partner, or your child with cerebral palsy isn’t always easy. Medical costs, legal fees, and the time to coordinate treatments can become a huge burden for many families. From support groups to resource funding to awareness events, help is available!

As proponents of self-advocacy, we believe these tools can help many of our clients to access better care and manage their disorder with less impact on their lifestyles.