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Passionate about serving families

Key to CP provides an in-depth, comprehensive assessment of the client’s function and development, followed by best-practice interventions, a detailed discussion of the client’s goals, and any concerns the client or clients’s parents or caregivers may have.

Our program follows a model developed by Karen Pape, MD and Pia Stampe, PT, DPT. During every step of the assessment and intervention, we ensure that the client fully understands how CP impacts their motor skills, vision, speech, feeding, and cognition function. Goals will gradually emerge as we uncover their best performance.

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Dedicated to the job, 100%

“I like working on intensives because I believe we give families hope. Hope that there is more their child can attain. Hope that change CAN happen. Seeing that change during the intensives solidifies their child’s ability, and changes hope into the action of doing!”

Intensives keep me on my toes and have me thinking every minute I am working with a child and family. We think ‘out of the box’ and have FUN! We work as a team and are constantly collaborating inside and outside the scheduled intensive times. They are exhausting in a fantastic kind of way. The families I work with inspire me to be better and give me hope that we can change the way people look at change in neurological/movement disorders.”

– Tracey Marie Taylor, M.S., OTR/L