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Our team works hard on behalf of our clients to help them on their path to growth and recovery. Read on to learn how we’ve helped clients begin effective treatment for their cerebral palsy. If you’d like to leave us a review, click here.

The things we need to work on are manageable and reasonable and the goals that you have outlined are achievable – that is incredible for me. Before the intensive, I was scared  to think about her goals, but now I am excited. It is almost physio for dummies! This approach makes it so simple, and we left feeling empowered and not overwhelmed. It has been incredible.Mother of Leah, age 2
“It was great! Kate learned things that are seemingly simple to us but incredibly difficult for her. Some of the interventions you did will be life changing. We found Pia from reading Dr. Pape’s book and I only wish we had found her sooner”Mother of Kate, age 8
When Erik has had pain and injuries we have gone to a number of doctors and therapists who have treated just one part of his body. Pia is the first person who looked at him as a whole person, looked at how everything in his body works together and helped us understand all the connections. We are leaving with tools to reach short and long term goals. We accomplished so much in the 3 days and we have a clear road map for the future. I am really excited and pleased!Wife of Erik, age 49
Pia, thank you for all the amazing work you did with our son! You were the missing piece to our puzzle for him. We are blown away by what you achieved with him in 3 days. Wish we had more time!Leslie, mother of a 3-year-old boy with CP
I believe that what the team is doing should be standard care for anyone with a movement disorder, and especially for pediatrics…My 3 year old son visited Pia and Danielle for a 3-day intensive in May. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but after assessing him as an individual, the interventions given in that short period of time was enough to make a huge difference in his posture.Ashley, mother of 3-year-old boy with CP
I am completely blown away by the care I received by my amazing team, Pia and Danielle! Their ability to think outside the box and get your body moving in a better way has amazed me! For over ten years, I encountered numerous therapist and other health care professionals, who lacked the knowledge and tools to improve my quality of life. I was told “it was too late,” and to accept my current physical situation…” I already can not wait to come back! Thank you, Pia and Danielle!Melanie, age 29

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