Speech Therapy Services

Supporting a wide range of speech and language needs.

Key to CP speech therapy is provided by a licensed speech-language pathologist with extensive experience in pediatrics.

Improving skills with speech therapy

Speech-language therapy is recommended to improve overall communication skills including use of words and sentences, whether verbal or through implementation of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) strategies. Articulation skills and oral motor coordination may also be targeted with the goal of improving speech intelligibility. This can also have positive effects on the chewing, swallowing, and drooling difficulties that commonly affect those with cerebral palsy. Social skills, or pragmatics, is another area commonly targeted during speech-language therapy sessions with preschool or school-age children.

As part of our intensive program, daily sessions with a speech-language pathologist may be recommended to address specific client goals in the area of communication. Multidisciplinary collaboration will likely be used to identify the most beneficial approaches to improving you or your child’s overall communication skills.

A comprehensive long term plan will be developed with the client and family during the intensive and we will consult with the home team about this plan. Options for ongoing consultation are also available with our speech-language pathologist.

Communication in the context of family

Communication takes a partner and therefore, our approach at Key to CP includes significant parent training and coaching. It is critical that the communication partner understands how to facilitate growth both during the therapy program and beyond. We truly consider parents and the child as team members in both the planning and implementation of any communication strategies.

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