Podcasts and Talks

Free recordings from the experts.

Access free recordings of podcasts, TED talks, and other speaking engagements that our founders and other medical professionals have taken part in.

Take the first step towards a better future with Key to CP.

We believe in spreading awareness and education to as many people as we can! If you’d like to learn more about cerebral palsy research or other general advances in the field, check out the podcasts and talks below.

Why we offer these resources

Accessing the best care for yourself, your partner, or your child with cerebral palsy isn’t always easy. Medical costs, legal fees, and the time to coordinate treatments can become a huge burden for many families. From support groups to resource funding to awareness events, help is available!

As proponents of self-advocacy, we believe these tools can help many of our clients to access better care and manage their disorder with less impact on their lifestyles.