Parents talked about feeling empowered and full of hope particularly after the case presentations from the work in our clinic.

Pia Stampe

On our maiden voyage to New Zealand, Key to CP Workshops were successfully launched!

In the fall of 2017, Karen Pape and I presented at the AACPDM (American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine). During this 2-hour presentation titled “Maximizing Neuroplasticity and Minimizing Maladaptive Habits,” Karen spoke about neuroplasticity and cerebral palsy, and I spoke about the Key to CP intensive therapy approach. The talk was well received by our colleagues.

In the audience was the CEO of CP Society New Zealand, Gilli Sinclair. Gilli invited us out to lunch and she immediately spoke about bringing Karen and I to New Zealand to teach about our approach.

As you know, Karen Pape passed away in the early summer of 2018, but she had strongly encouraged me to accept the invitation and go to New Zealand to teach. The ball was in my court. The dates were set and I left for New Zealand late January, 2019. A busy week of teaching was planned for the week of February 11.

A welcome respite in the winter for body and mind!

Let me just tell you: New Zealand is beautiful and I met so many wonderful parents of children with CP and colleagues during my travels. These are connections that I will treasure and draw on going forward with the work of Key to CP. And not to forget: it was summer in February ….how delightful for someone living in Upstate New York!!

During my week of teaching, I spent three days in Auckland where I taught a half-day therapist workshop and a two-day therapist workshop in addition to speaking at two parent meetings. I then flew to Christchurch and to Wellington where I also taught half day therapist workshops and had parent meetings….Wow for a busy week!

Empowering parents and caregivers to make a difference

My presentations were enthusiastically received everywhere I went. New Zealand therapists are highly educated and many are eager to make changes to the way therapy services are delivered to embrace a model that allows for more intensive and focused therapy for children with CP. The simplicity of our model was again and again mentioned in the feedback I received.

Parents talked about feeling empowered and full of hope particularly after the case presentations from the work in our clinic.

I feel empowered as well because the reception of our work sparked so much interest and enthusiasm and mostly importantly, hope. To be the vehicle for change and hope is powerful and humbling at the same time.

Key to CP workshops are now available so I can share our intensive therapy model with as many therapists and parents as possible. Please email me with questions and let me know if you are interested in hosting a workshop.

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