Feeding Therapy Services

Support for a wide range of feeding or mealtime challenges.

Key to CP feeding therapy services focus on educating parents and helping them discover their child’s potential while fostering independence at any skill level. Using a coaching model, parents leave with attainable goals and functional strategies to help them move forward in their feeding journey.

Problem solving with feeding and swallowing therapy

Feeding therapy is recommended to support oral feeding success and help families manage mealtimes appropriately for those with cerebral palsy.

Whether your goal is to support the transition from breast or bottle to solid foods or improved chewing or cup drinking in an older child, there are a variety of strategies to help create positive feeding experiences for any skill level. Problem-solving for children who rely on tube feedings, transitioning to oral feedings, and supporting positive oral motor/sensory experiences can all be addressed by our skilled speech-language pathologist who specializes in pediatric feeding difficulties.

Addressing feeding difficulties can be a priority during your child’s intensive¬† therapy program and will include a multidisciplinary team approach. Collaboration with the physical therapist and/or occupational therapist is often necessary to support optimal positioning, self-feeding success, and sensory processing concerns.

Key to CP’s approach to feeding therapy results in identification of the most beneficial approaches to improving your child’s overall feeding/swallowing skills as well as supporting your child’s participation in enjoyable family mealtimes.

A comprehensive, long-term plan will be developed with the family during the intensive program and consultation with the home team about the plan is offered.

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