Consulting services

Additional services outside of our intensive treatments.

Key to CP offers additional consulting services for families who cannot travel to our facility in Rochester, NY, or for families who have already attended an intensive and would like supplementary assistance.

For families who cannot travel:

Key to CP now offers virtual consulting services to empower parents and children to improve daily function and participation. Virtual consulting for PT, OT, Speech, and Feeding has emerged as a powerful alternative to in-person intensives.

This service is a joint consultation with clients, their families, and their home therapy team. The Key to CP staff will offer suggestions based on our systematic approach to treatment of cerebral palsy. While a consultation cannot mimic the impact of an actual intensive, it will offer a new, powerful perspective on how to embed therapy suggestions into daily life.

My daughter was scheduled for an intensive at Key to CP in Rochester in April. We rescheduled several times hoping that we could travel, but COVID restrictions prevented that. We were very reluctant to try virtual consulting as nothing is the same as in person therapy. The virtual consulting process was far more effective and helpful that I could have ever imagined. We are glad that we took the leap and tried. We are so grateful and impressed and would highly recommend the virtual route

How it works:

Key to CP will ask you to provide detailed background information and submit videos of you or your child performing current functional tasks, such as sitting, standing, walking, fine motor skills, speech, or feeding. You will describe your goals for the consultation, and note which home team members will take part in conference calls and carry out the program at home.

After reviewing this information, we will notify you if you are eligible for the consultation program. Eligible participants will receive information on the estimated frequency of required contact.

For families who have already attended an intensive in the past, but want additional help:

This service is our “Home Connect” program. For clients who have already completed an intensive, we offer a follow-up program that runs for one month after the in-person intensive. Clients or parents of clients who are interested in periodic follow-up and updates to their home plan should request this service.

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