Client background:

Toby is a 17 year old boy with a diagnosis of spastic diplegic cerebral palsy and a history of SDR since the age of 5. Toby came to Key to CP for a 5-day intensive because he lost his ability to walk or stand, and was experiencing intermittent joint pain.

Toby’s journey

See how Toby blossomed during a five-day therapy session at Key to CP in this case study, or continue reading below.

Goals before treatment:

Toby’s goals centered around standing and walking with greater ease before entering college.


Before Toby started the intensive, he underwent serial casting and had new AFOs made. Without this pre-intensive intervention, we could not work on his goals of standing and walking more easily before he left for college. After this initial work, Toby attended a five day physical therapy intensive at Key to CP. He had a weak core with decreased trunk muscle tone, so he was fitted with Alignmed posture shirts and shorts in order to offer him improved hip and trunk support. This allowed him to begin standing on his own and taking steps with good form.

We also employed EMG Biofeedback to promote muscle awareness, and activation training coupled with functional tasks such as practicing standing to sitting.

EMG Biofeedback reads muscle activity and displays it on a screen so the client can learn to both activate and relax muscles. This therapy is helpful because it provides an immediate response, so the client knows if they’re activating the right muscles.

Toby was initially reluctance to participate because he had failed to see improvement from years of weekly therapy. However, during our intervention, he was encouraged by steady small wins, and saw significant change in the course of the week.


In just five days, the simple interventions we employed such as Alignmed posture garments and EMG Biofeedback therapy allowed for observable improvements. These positive experiences allowed Toby to become engaged in the program and make progress for the first time in years. Toby’s case illustrates that the Key to CP systematic approach can help reach discouraged clients with real change.

I’ve always known that I was normal mentally and socially but never was that confirmed for me physically. This approach to my therapy has really allowed me to see this from a new perspective- one where normalcy does come into play.Toby