Client background:

Jacob is a 4 year old boy with a diagnosis of spastic diplegic cerebral palsy. Jacob came to Key to CP for a 3-day intensive because he was not making progress with his regular therapy.

Jacob’s journey

See how Jacob blossomed during a three-day therapy session at KeytoCP in this case study, or continue reading below.

Goals before treatment:

Family goals centered around improving Jacob’s ability to activate his trunk muscles in order to stand and walk independently from his walker.


Jacob attended a three day physical therapy intensive at Key to CP. He had a weak core, so he was fitted with Spio garments in order to improve his muscle awareness and trunk tone. This allowed him to activate his muscles and stand upright unassisted by his walker for far longer than he could previously.

Once Jacob’s control of his trunk muscles and overall posture improved, we began working on walking independently using EMG Biofeedback.

EMG Biofeedback reads muscle activity and displays it on a screen so the client can learn to both activate and relax muscles. Children love EMG Biofeedback because of its immediate response. Jacob instantly became engaged while learning to activate muscles in ways he never had before. By the second day, Jacob was able to stand by himself and began to take a few independent steps.  He was so proud of himself!


In just three days, the simple interventions we employed such as Spio garments and EMG Biofeedback therapy made vast improvements. Jacob’s case illustrates that even a child having trouble making progress with other types of therapies can make large gains using the Key to CP systematic approach.

It really did open my eyes to [see that] he’s got so much more that he’s capable of. In my heart I always knew he could do it, but [the question] was how do we get it out of him?Jacob's mother