Client background:

Arwen is a 3 year old girl with quadriplegic cerebral palsy due to Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy. On the GMFCS, Arwen is a level 5.

Arwen’s journey

See how Arwen blossomed during a five-day therapy session at Key to CP in this case study, or continue reading below.

Goals before treatment:

Family goals centered around improving Arwen’s positioning in sitting, improving her head control, and finding ways for her to interact better socially and to use her hands for simple play.


Arwen attended a five day physical therapy intensive at Key to CP. She was fitted with a TheraTog garment in order to improve her trunk stability. A TheraTog is a dynamic garment that brings muscles into better alignment so the client can more easily engage their muscles. For Arwen, the TheraTog dramatically improved her upright sitting posture, allowing her to sit in her wheelchair and on the floor with much less support.

Head control has always been very challenging for Arwen. Once her trunk control improved in the TheraTog, her head control also improved slightly, but was still far from optimal.

We decided to try using a Head Pod, which is a dynamic head support that helps bring a child’s head into alignment. Once Arwen put on Head Pod, her entire personality changed. She became interactive- tracking people in the room- and smiled and vocalized.

Finally, we addressed floor sitting with therapy and positioning strategies and received very impressive results in her level of sitting control.


In just five days, the simple interventions we employed such as TheraTogs and targeted therapy made vast improvements. Arwen’s case illustrates that even a child with her level of cerebral palsy can make large gains using the Key to CP systematic approach.

Arwen has never sat for more than a few seconds without complete support. Now, she can sit for minutes with just a minimal amount of support!Arwen's mother